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Alpha 20C® is designed to address the body’s defense system with “wood element” herbs that contain naturally occurring antioxidants and fortifying properties. Sunrider’s proprietary formula is based on 3,000 years of herbal study and cutting-edge technology. Recent studies show that many of the herbal and botanical ingredients we use may contain beneficial bioactive components. Alpha 20C® nourishes the immune system. Alpha 20C® is available in both capsules and powder form.

Directions: Take two capsules, or consume one package in 8 oz. of water at mealtimes.

Key Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Nandina Flower (Chinese White Flower), Paris Polyphylla root (paris herb) root, scutellari baicalensis (scutellaria herb) root, dandelion root

Available In: 100 Capsules – Bottle (525 mg each capsule) 10 Packs – Powder (0.17 oz./5 g each bag) 30 Packs – Powder (0.17 oz./5 g each bag)

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Weight1 lbs
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100 Capsules – Bottle (525 mg ea), 10 Packs – Powder (0.17 oz./5 g ea), 30 Packs – Powder (0.17 oz./5 g ea), 60 Packs – Powder (0.17 oz./5 g ea), Bulk 300g (60 servings)


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