Kandesn Astringent

Kandesn Astringent


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The third step in our Advanced Skin Care Regimen, Kandesn Astringent follows Cleansing Cream and Warm Facial Scrub. It finishes off cleansing and begins your moisturizing regimen. It’s designed for all skin types, especially oily, sensitive, irritated, or acne-prone skin. The advanced formula contains no rubbing alcohol or mineral oil, ingredients commonly found in other brands of astringent, which can irritate delicate skin. Instead, it’s made with a unique combination of herbal extracts that soothe the skin.

Paraben Free

Directions: Apply to a clean face with a cotton ball or pad in a light upward and outward motion. Avoid eye areas. Then apply Deep Moisture Lotion for best results.

Product Weight: 4 fl oz/20 ml

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